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Lincoln’s art is usually commissioned by owners of new or refurbished buildings to hang in the atrium or within the buildings public spaces. Owner, architect and artist work together to arrive at a solution that addresses the commercial, environmental and human needs of the structure whilst making the most of all available space to provide a building of beauty. Lincoln’s work includes sculptures, mobiles, murals, glass and water installations.

Often the excellence of current minimalist architectural interiors means that the undiscerning eye may notice the building itself less; the effect may be cool and clean but may lack the human scale. Lincoln's art imprints a degree of unforgettable individuality on the building and particularly its public spaces.


Lincoln aims to complement the architect picking on the material, shapes and themes of the building itself. However his works are usually colourful and eye-catching and sometimes contain a visual conundrum to trick the casual eye (i.e. 2D/3D murals for Swire’s at Taikoo Place in Hong Kong.




Space Vol 2

 Designers envy Lincoln for the space he enjoys. All his works are presented on the large-scale and with a sense of humour - the wall mural doubles up as the entrance lobby creating illusions; apples depict the dual symbolism of perfect health and packaging; and painted strokes echo mobile strokes. Lincoln successfully plays around with two-dimensional sculpture and incorporates them for visual impact.

Largethanlife International High Flyer

 The art in the atrium created the identity and feeling of the building. Is it trying to be terribly sombre and serious or is it trying to be more human and light-hearted? Lincoln Seligman’s work affects how people feel about where they are. It makes the building a better place to be and its good for the image of the building. (‘Apple Peel’ in the Headquarters of SmithKline Beecham)





The “Six Fish Swimming Up A Waterfall” is giving new artistic and auspicious dimensions to the Westin Taipei’s atrium these days. The gracefully curving shapes of Lincoln Seligman’s masterpiece are a perfect contrast to the rectilinear building interior. Fish, “yu" in Mandarin is a homonym for “abundance” or even ”prosperity”. The six fish are in different shades of red including aubergine with the water in metallic colours; gold, silver, blue and green. Lincoln’s design gets close to nature with the strong light from the glass roof playing an important part in the visual impact.



ALCHEMY - Broadgate Great Eastern Walk 

The works on display are seen as “an exploration on the theme of Alchemy”. The works are by turns exhilarating or introspective, entertaining or intriguing. There is little that is conventionally decorative, and nothing that plays safe. Individually and collectively they trigger questions, inspire new perceptions and encourage the formation of fresh perspectives. But each element, whatever its style, is working to support its environment.




“Lincoln Seligman’s reputation earns him prestigious contracts and he has recently been working on sculptures for the atriums of Cathay Pacific’s Headquarters in Hong Kong”





“Lincoln Seligman beneath one of his sculptures at Schroders’ Building, London”





“Lincoln Seligman in his Gloucestershire studio, putting the finishing touches to his latest mobile before it is sent to Taipei”